Glimpses at Fashion: How to maintain the fashion summer 2016 feeling

Mittwoch, 3. August 2016

How to maintain the fashion summer 2016 feeling

I would totally dress like this if I were really tall :) you can do anything when you're tall! Because yours closer to the top of the world :)):

Hey guys!
I hope that you are doing pretty fine? I must admit that it has become a challenge to keep up my after holiday summer feeling after having come back from my trip. The weather is really awful (again) and it has been raining for two days. So I am really pretty busy trying to keep up my summer feeling mood with all kinds of tricks.
Although I might be missing the gardener gene (having killed a very expensive olive tree within a few weeks), I have decided to do it again and bought some fletsedge and 2 cactuses. My first plants in a long time…I am always amazed by the beauty of these great great garden centres that we have around the corner and, being there, I always think that gardening might not be the worst thing to find some time to relax and just feel good…
With the plants adding a big deal of my desired summer feeling atmosphere to my room, I could already feel my mood rising. In these moments you always have the best ideas and so I decided to create  my first private collection of nature sounds on my computer. Guys, it is so perfect. And it really helps me to ignore the bad weather.
One of our beautiful native birds of Australia, the Galah.:
iiiinspired: ideat magazine:
Another thing that has really made me happy today and helped me to keep up my summer feeling from last week was the fact that we went to see the exhibition The Happy Show by Stefan Sagmeister at Francfort. Apart from the fact that I was happy about being able to wear my vintage 501 with the weather being that awful, I completely enjoyed the atmosphere of the exhibition…which was just yellow and happy and great!
Interactive gum ball participatory exhibit. Vote your happiness level.  The Happy Show by Stefan Sagmeister:

Guys, I hope you liked my inspirations and ideas? What do you do to keep yourselves in the fashion summer mood 2016? Leave messages and commments below! I am looking forward to hearing from you and thank you so much for having stopped by.
Do not forget to enjoy some fashionable moments!

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  1. For me also returns from the holidays are difficult, the worst thing is - I must to wait for my hollidays until september this year... I love your inspirations dear :-)