Glimpses at Fashion: Look of the week– a tribute to a timeless statement jacket

Freitag, 25. März 2016

Look of the week– a tribute to a timeless statement jacket

Manrepeller, Leandra Medine:

The best street style from New York Fashion Week to inspire your winter wardrobe:

Hello lovelies! I am so happy to be here on my first day of vacation. I can hardly believe that I do not have to go back to work until April 11. The day has started perfecly already with a nice and extended breakfast with my sweet French friend in my cosy little town Seligenstadt. The beautiful atmosphere over there has done the rest to put me in the perfect holiday mood.

Looking back at this week, that was filled with a big bunch of work but also with lovely evenings with my friends, I really need to say how happy I am to have so many wonderful people in my life. Unluckily, my French friend decided to leave Francfort in order to live in Oxford but I am sure we are going to stay in close contact. I have known her for so long and she definitely belongs to my life…

Trend-spotting…Before going to go into raptures about life, let’s turn to the fashion trends 2016 and my favourite look of the week. This week I chose to give my attention to a special kind of statement jacket, the caban jacket. And this is no coincidence. First it is a recurring fashion theme. Second, I became aware of its beauty yesterday shopping in the supermarket with my boyfriend.

A little tired after a long day of work, I was rather sleepwalking through the supermarket when I suddenly noticed two beautiful girls in their twenties with great looks. I have to say, that we were in a supermarket in a city that is not the most beautiful place in the world. You rarely see nicely-dressed people in this town and that’s why these girls immediately caught my attention and everybody elses, too, I guess. I was widely awake…

One of the girls completely got me with her style. Her look was simple but cool and chic and she would have attracted the attention of every street style photographer in the world. She wore a navy oversized caban jacket with golden buttons, a white shirt, cropped jeans in light-grey and the Stan Smith Luxe.
who says you can't wear white past labor day? winter white jeans and navy peacoat-what i want to wear everyday.:

Whether it was the button-detail of the caban jacket, the Stan Smiths or the cropped jeans, the outfit really thrilled me. Sometimes you do not need a lot to thrill somebody with your outfit. Having the magic touch for the right pieces can have a big effect. That’s why I decided to chose the Caban jacket for the look of the week…It is and remains one of our most stylish and timeless fashion companions that loves denim as well as the pleated skirt.

Elisa Sednaoui - Street style - These jeans are absolutely perfect...Love the whole look!!!!!:

Sweeties, that was it for today. I hope you liked my very personal tribute to one of my most preferred statement jackets 2016.
I see you soon here on my blog and thank you so much for stopping by.
Have a fabulous weekend and do not forget to enjoy some fashionable moments…


  1. The last picture is excellent :-) Thank you for inspirations, Happy Easter my dear :-)

    1. I love the last one too as the look is so timeless, elegant and sexy! Thank you for commenting, Alice...Tina Maria

  2. Great choice! The first look is just gorgeous!