Glimpses at Fashion: 7 Street Style trends from New York Fashion Week 2016 we love

Dienstag, 16. Februar 2016

7 Street Style trends from New York Fashion Week 2016 we love

They're Back

Linda Tol very colorful with her Marni bag. New York Fashion Week, Spring 2016.:

Hello sweethearts! I hope you are all doing really really fine and have spent a wonderful weekend with some nice people around? My weekend was great with a Valentine's Spa Day in a very romantic hotel not that far away from Francfort. Good for me as I am more the excited and agitated kind of girl and a spa day chills you down, whether you want or not. The day ended with a lovely dinner in one of my favourite Italian Restaurants in the neighbourhood...So it was perfect. 

Today I am still enjoying the luxury of working at home. I am still being a little sad about the fact that I am not able to go to the fashion show in London on Friday. Instead I have to sit in a boring grey seminar room with a bunch of frustrated people. Oh my God, I have to stop thinking about that.

Let's return to the fashion events of the week. Street Style is an import source of inspiration for all of us and that's why I thought it would be a great idea to collect all those Street Styles  that are worn during New York Fashion Week 2016

And guys, I am sure you will love those style inspirations from New York Fashion Week 2016.

1. Wide-leg pants and sneakers

Who What Wear
2. Cropped jeans and spring colours sweater + statement bag

Who What Wear

Style Caster

3. Maxi skirts and sneakers

4. The layering look is going to stay and we, the girls are happy about that as we are always freezing like crazy

Who What Wear

5. Snorkel blue is on of the colours to wear in 2016
Linn Arvidsson in Bullet Magazine by Thomas Giddings
New York Fashion Week 2016/Phil Oh

6. Colours turn a coat into a statement coat

New York Fashion Week 2016/Phil Oh

7. Our most beloved boyfriend style never goes out of style

New York Fashion Week 2016/Phil Oh

Sweethearts, that's it for today...I still have to prepare a few things for my boring without fashion-show in London Friday...I enjoyed being with you for a few moments. I hope you have enjoyed it, too.

I'll see you in a few days with more news on fashion. Enjoy some fashionable moments and do not forget to come back to Glimpses at Fashion.


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