Glimpses at Fashion: How to solve the dilemma of being a part-time fashion blogger

Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2017

How to solve the dilemma of being a part-time fashion blogger


Hey, guys!
I hope you are doing fine? I am enjoying my home office day today. It’s lovely outside! Cold, but the sun is shining and the sky is so blue that it seems as if spring has already started…
Turbo Charged (Rollercoaster), Brighton Pier
On a day like this I can easily lose myself in all those fun things to do…going for a run, fashion blogging, reading other blogs, social networking…The problem being I shouldn’t be doing any of those things, neither should I be sitting here blogging.
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I have a job  that demands a lot of my attention. In particular at the moment as it is the end of the semester and there remains a lot of boring stuff to do.
Bored @ Work
It is not that I  don’t like my job. I love working with young people. It is an inspiring and creative work. However, since I have had my fashion blog, I often find myself in a dilemma. How can I be a good fashion blogger with great ideas and be creative and successful at work?
Maybe I haven’t found the right solution yet. For me the magic word of the moment is compromise. I try my best neither to neglect students and work nor to neglect my fashion blog which sometimes is harder than at other times.
Beginning Again
However, there are some tricks that are working for me. I try to find time for social media marketing every day even if, in tough times, it’s only five minutes. Posting my most preferred outfits from Pinterest on Facebook or Google+ is another thing that is working very well for me. It doesn’t take a lot of time, it is fun, it distracts me from my stress at work, it is inspiration and I can stay in touch with my fashion friends.
Guests of London Fashion Week #16
Also founding a new group in social networks on Facebook or Google+ is another thing to keep in touch with the fashion world.  I founded Street Style Fashion Bloggers on Google+ and on Facebook.
That is the way I am working at the moment.  It is a compromise and I see it as a temporary solution which kind of soothes me. One never knows where this or that way may lead.
Fashion week
Right now, I am really happy with being part of both the fashion and the students world. And this thought really feels good.
Paris Fashion Week
Now you know what is going on in my mind. Guys, how do you solve this dilemma if you are even feeling it. Leave comments as always and thank you for having stopped by.
Hope to see you soon and do not forget to enjoy some fashionable moments.

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  1. Sometimes I don't have fun with blogging because I start to feel like this is a duty.I think it's better to blog when we are in the mood for that ,not when we are under some pressure.This is hobby and should be fun ;-)But real fashion world it's not funny and far from perfection...Wonderful inspirations my dear!