Glimpses at Fashion: Christmas Shopping 2016 with the Young British Designers

Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2016

Christmas Shopping 2016 with the Young British Designers

Hey,guys! I know that I have been quite mute for quite a while. One reason might be, that the past few weeks have been quite communicative. November and December are the times of our exams and we are bustling between teaching school, doing exams with our upcoming teachers, preparing courses and seminars. And this means a lot of communication. To avoid any misunderstandings, I love to communicate at work and with you guys…hey, I am a woman!! However, after 8 hours of exams, even the most talkative woman needs a break. So I have tried to stay in contact with you through posting my favourite looks and outfits
So as far as my private wardrobe is concerned, I am proud of two new “members”…A black leather skirt and cropped business trousers by Drykorn. As always I am keeping it simple, black, grey, blue, merino, cashmere, scarves…I am going to stay a fashion minimalist forever.
However, this evening I couldn’t resist the temptation to take a look at the new trends by the…And here you see my selection of the greatest new pieces.
Starting with the beautiful denim combination on top of my article created by J. Won. I love the style of the skirt and in particular the cut of the blouse. As always with the Young British Designers an outfit that you could wear forever and everywhere…Awesome!

J. Won’s style is exactly mine as you can see in my next photo. I love those grey wool trousers as they are really classic and modern at the same time…You can wear them with a white T-shirt and trainers or with more elegant shoes for business…
The boatneck top by J.Won is definitely my fall/winter favourite at the YBD’s. You know I love grey and the statement sleeves are beautiful. The look of the girl is perfect and her glasses are similar to mine. I love big glasses. Perfect look and most perfect outfit…

My last choice for today goes to Charlie May. This amazing dress with its outstanding cut is a real eye-catcher for all those wonderful events we might be invited to in the weeks before Christmas…an evening dinner with friends, a vernissage, an evening at the theatre. This is really one of the most extraordinary dresses I have ever seen.

That’s my Young British Designers Fall/Winter selection 2015/2016. I hope you liked them. If so, come back soon and find more fashion inspirations on my blog, guys. I am looking forward to meeting you here.
And do not forget to enjoy every fashionable moment!

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