Glimpses at Fashion: Fall/Winter Fashion Inspiration 2016 - the Young British Designer Anton Petrov Atanasov

Freitag, 4. November 2016

Fall/Winter Fashion Inspiration 2016 - the Young British Designer Anton Petrov Atanasov

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Hello guys! I hope you have had a fantastic week. Work started again on Monday and I have already forgotten what relaxation really feels like. It has been a week full of work and a whole bunch of new upcoming teachers at my academy. On the whole everything is ok but the next few weeks will be filled with a lot of work stuff to do.
However, there is one special event by the end of November – it is not about work – but about my birthday last March. My friends offered me a beautiful evening in one of the most beautiful casinos in the area. I am so excited…
Casino Wiesbaden von SvenB:
Although I have some beautiful evening dresses in my closet already, I am always looking for new styles and inspirations. Those who are reading my blog on a regular basis know that I am checking out the fashion trends made in Britain by the Young British Designers.
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A few weeks ago, I was very lucky about getting into contact with one of new and promising British designers Anton Petrov Atanasov. When I saw this amazing red robe for the first time, I fell in love. A dress like that could only have been created by someone whose greatest passion is fashion.
And passion was what our conversation was about. Anton Petrov told me that fashion has been his passion since the day he was born. He has been a passionate drawer since then and has been following his fashion career enthusiastically and consistently.
At the moment Anton is working on a new fashion line and the photos he offered me for my blog are promising guys, don’t you think?
The variety in patterns and fabrics is really fascinating and shows the extraordinary creativity of Anton. I totally agreed when he told me to be connected to that certain kind of energy that connects the designer with his audience…
I am really looking forward to more of those wonderful creations by the young  British designer Anton Petrov Atanasov. And at the moment I am really dreaming about wearing the amazing red robe at the Casino evening with my wonderful friends by the end of November.
Guys, I hope you found your favourite dress here as well. Enjoy your evenings and days and I’ll see you soon.
Do not forget to enjoy some fashionble moments!

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