Glimpses at Fashion: Fashion fall 2016 with the Young British Designers

Donnerstag, 8. September 2016

Fashion fall 2016 with the Young British Designers

Hey guys! I hope the beautiful summer is staying as patiently with you as it is staying with us here in Germany. Every morning, when I wake up, I am having the hardest times believing that I am still living in the middle part of Germany. It is simply amazing. As I am realizing that my mood is strongly dependant upon the weather conditions at the moment, it is time to find something different. With London Fashion Week knocking at our doors, fall will sooner or later find its way to us. So why not check out one of my most favourite online shops with the best fashion design made in Britain, the Young British Designers. They really have some awful new pieces in…
At the moment I am really intrigued by the pieces of the designer Renli Su. Her pieces really make me look forward to fashion fall 2016 as they remind me of extended and lazy Sunday afternoon walks through those beautiful fall forests with their golden leaves and the last traces of the Indian summer sun. I just love those oversized scarves like the one on top by Renli Sue. The design is extraordinary and timeless at the same time. Plus I can wear it with evening dresses and casual without having to take a coat with me.

The emboidered skirt by Renli Sue is fascinating. What I love about the look is the combination with the green turtleneck and the tweed blazer. I am happy that tweed is going to stay with us in fashion fall/winter 2016.
How do you feel about the looks by the Young British Designer Renli Sue? For more Renli Sue Stlyes visit the Young British Designers Online Shop. And here are some more of my favourite stlyes at the YBDs.

Guys, that’s it for today! I am getting ready for work which today is a kind of mixture of home office and guided tours – amazing thing with a weather like this.
Hope you loved my fall fashion inspirations…If so do not hesitate to leave some comments. I’ll se you in a few days.

Do not forget to enjoy some fashionable moments!

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  1. Great post my dear :-)Oversized clothes are very comfy and perfect for new season :-)