Glimpses at Fashion: Getting ready for Fashion Summer Vacation II – Barcelona

Montag, 15. August 2016

Getting ready for Fashion Summer Vacation II – Barcelona

Guillermina Baeza | 080 Barcelona Fashion:


Hello my dear fashion lovers! I hope you are great? As for me, I have to say I feel awesome enjoying every minute of my holidays and inhaling all those free fresh summer feelings. I can not even imagine the slightest bit that in about 2 weeks time we have to go back to work. Scary, really…so let’s change the subject.
Illustration by Jordi Labanda, with Gaudí's Sagrada Familia in the background. Barcelona is a lovely city, even when not the main focal point. :):
As I have already announced in my latest shoe post, I have decided to go on vacation again. And I am really happy to announce that we are going to go one of the most amazing European fashion and lifestyle cities…Barcelona! I am so excited, guys! It is a paradise for every fashion loving person in the world and there is the beach, there is culture, art and architecture…For me the perfect summer holiday mix. Our plane is going to leave on Friday morning and I hope I am going to bring some lovely pictures and fashion inspirations for all of us back with me…

But I am going to see you again here on Glimpses at Fashion before I am leaving.
If you have ever been to Barcelona, I would appreciate your comments and maybe some tipps on what to do and where to go!
Do not forget to enjoy some fashionable moments!

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  1. Lucky you, I never been there but once there I'm going to go ;-)