Glimpses at Fashion: Look of the week–It’s time for new sneakers

Samstag, 4. Juni 2016

Look of the week–It’s time for new sneakers

Persia 3/4 Sleeve Dress | Black Crawford Jacket | Vintage Denim

MINIMAL + CLASSIC: Sultan Split Maxi | Black

Hello sweethearts! I admit it has been sometime since my last blog post. During the past few days I have had so much stuff to do that I hardly found the time to breathe. Honestly it was awful – seminars, teaching school, two exams and visiting my students during their classes and hardly no time for the really wonderful things in life. However, I am really happy as I mastered every challenge seen from the fashion point of view.
From the #Lacoste #SS14 collection:
My Hugo Boss suit and my black and blue pencil skirts have been reliable in any challenging situations of the week. And again I realized this week that being well-dressed and feeling well-dressed can be really comforting in stressful and busy times. As much on the subject of business.
As I love to wear my pencil skirts a  lot and not only on business occasions, a new pair of sneakers had to move in this week. As for business I often combine my pencil skirts with pointed flats, in my free time I love to wear them with sneakers. Last year I often wore the Superga version which definitely looked good with skirts and dresses.

2016-06-04 16.42.51

However, last week I decided to try the Lacoste Lancelle Sneaker. I have been a little fed up with the canvas Superga version. As I wear the sneakers quite often I am hoping the leather version to stay white in colour for a much longer period of time. With dresses and skirt a white sneaker simply looks better. What I love about the Lacoste Lancelle is the form. It is not as chunky as my Stan Smith and adds the perfect touch of casual and timeless elegance to my skirt and dress looks. Plus, I have started to wear them at school as my female students have started to buy and wear my Stan Smith…It felt a little weird to being together in a classroom with some of your students wearing the same shoes…
@Alicia T T T Lerner - We need a jumping family photo! lacoste:
As for the leather quality of the shoes, we’ll see about that. I have just bought them a few days ago. One thing is sure, they are quite comfortable and make a small foot…
So guys, if you are in desperate need of some new sneakers or are as addicted to the sneaker trend 2016 as I am, the Lacoste Lancelle may be the perfect sneaker for you.
That’s it for today, guys. I am leaving for a bike tour as the weather is getting more and more beautiful and I need some time to relax outside. Hoping to see you tomorrow! Thank you for stopping by and enjoy a fantastic day and some fashionable moments!



  1. Great post! Have a lovely weekend!:))


  2. Beautiful shoes my dear! Enjoy your bike :-)