Glimpses at Fashion: You don’t need to be Holly Willoughby to wear your pencil skirt more than ten times in six weeks…

Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2016

You don’t need to be Holly Willoughby to wear your pencil skirt more than ten times in six weeks…

street style:

|| Rita and Phill specializes in custom skirts. Follow Rita and Phill for more pencil skirt images.

Hello sweethearts! Hopefully you are having a great time sitting somewhere in some wonderful place in the world in a beautiful bar, restaurant or café. Or maybe you are still at work, looking forward to a wonderful evening with friends? Wherever you are, I love the idea of being connected to you through my blog and all those wonderful social networks…This great feeling of being connected to the world like this often makes me feel more alive and forget about the sometimes boring daily routine…Thank you for that, guys!
That’s why I felt it was highest time to come back to you as I started to get the impression of losing this connection by getting lost in the world of work of a teacher and teacher trainer…Luckily enough, fashion and my ideas around fashion are with me from morning to evening and everywhere I go.
Slouchy tshirt + pencil skirt + ankle boots = love this outfit:
This morning I smiled stumbling upon the Daily Mail article about Holly Willoughby which deals with her wearing her white Roland Mouret pencil skirt more than ten times in six weeks. Apart from the fact that the Roland Mouret pencil skirt version is just beautiful, I would say that I am wearing mine even more than ten times in six weeks.
How to Wear Sneakers With a Skirt:
At the moment my upcoming teachers are in their exams and I need to get dressed perfectly for this occasion. By the way, I am definitely looking forward to tomorrows’ exam…It is going to be awesome as this young teacher in training is definitely going to become one of the best French teachers in the world. He’s modern, intelligent, speaks perfectly and the kids love him. But let’s stick to fashion…With all those important appointments you need to have some reliable piece of clothes in your closet and one, for sure, is the pencil skirt, a piece of clothes that I have been wearing for years. Definitely a long-term investment
Non-Basic Pencil Skirts Your Closet Needs via @WhoWhatWear:
And so you can be sure that tomorrow I am going to leave the house dressed in my white pencil skirt, styled with a striped blouse and my beige Tods. However, it would be wrong to just wear the pencil skirt for business. I also love to wear it during my free time, styling it in a more casual way with sneakers, shirts and tops…
Black sunnies, black knit, black midi length pencil skirt, and black heels:
The pencil skirt is a real allround talent…And, by the way, it is a real help in getting myself motivated for tough exam days like the ones lying in front of me…
be a girl with a mind, a woman with attitude,  and a lady with class.:

So guys, keep your fingers crossed for tomorrows exam…I see you in a few days!
Do not forget to enjoy some fashionable moments!


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    1. Thank you so much! That is a nice compliment! Have a great day!

  2. Love how all of these pencil skirts look!

    I definitely need to add one to my wardrobe


    1. Thank you Albertine! That is so nice of you! It is really a piece worth investing in!

  3. I LOVE pencil skirts! I fully agree with you: pencils shouldn't only be worn for business and can be worn casual with sneakers as well. And good luck with your exams Tina Maria!

    1. Thank you so much for your wishes! Have a great day!

  4. Great post my dear!!! I love pencil skirts but knee length because I'm small ;-)