Glimpses at Fashion: Four Style Lessons To Learn From Alexa Chung

Dienstag, 24. Mai 2016

Four Style Lessons To Learn From Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung /lnemnyi/lilllyy66/ Find more inspiration here:

Good morning sweethearts! I am so happy to have found some free time before I am going to leave for another long and boring seminar day. Honestly, today I would so prefer fashion blogging to teaching seminars. But,at least , I have got you, guys and my blog and I am sure about feeling more motivation after having finished my post. Apart from that, the summer appears to have already left Germany. It is raining cats and dogs and everything outside looks grey and luckily enough green…
How is this amount of beauty real? Alexa Chung people:
But don’t worry…I am not going to bore you with German weather stories. Today it is all about style and style icons. Getting older, I am realizing that I have definitely found my own style. In my closet there is enough space for the pieces that I am buying. This has changed during the past few years as, before, it was stuffed with stuff from never ending shopping tours. However, today, I am really enjoying the clarity of my closet.
Alexa Chung:
Someone with a great style and, for sure, always aware of what’s in her closet, is for me Alexa Chung. And one of her secrets is, for sure, that she definitely feels good in what she is wearing. You can see it in her eyes, sometimes in her smile…In fact, her whole attitude reflects her being in complete alignment with what she is wearing. So it’s more about feeling than about knowing, guys. This feeling, however, inspired me to take a closer look at the style of Alexa Chung and to see what she could teach us about style and fashion

So, lean back and enjoy…

1. It is always worth investing in some really good basics such as a good pair of jeans, a grey sweater, a white blouse or a white T-Shirt.
our roundup of the best loafers on the market, inspired by Alexa Chung!:
Get Alexa Chung's Cool Jane Birkin-Inspired Tee And Jeans Style:
Alexa Chung. New York - December 15 2015:

2. Do not forget about the classics such as the Barbour jacket, the classic trench coat, the black boyfriend blazer or the uniform coat. They love to be combined with the ultimate fashion trends 2016.
Alexa Chung pairs a crisp button-down shirt with black boots for a sleek travel look.:
Alexa Chung:
alexa chung:
Not-a-ccoconut: Alexa Chung arrives at the 3.1 Phillip Lim SS...:
3. Fashion is all about creativity and knowing what’s in your closet. So before buying the new piece imagine how well it fits in your closet. Think about possible combinations with the ones already hanging there. And why not provoking an intended inconsistency of style from time to time?
Alexa Chung attends Noon By Noor Spring 2016 during New York Fashion Week: The Shows at The Dock, Skylight at Moynihan Station on September 12, 2015 in New York City.:
Proof That Alexa Chung Is The Queen Of Denim | The Zoe Report:
Alexa Chung. overalls. tights. sweater.:
4. Fashion is all about fun and emotion. Wear the clothes that make you happy and remind you of wonderful moments you had in live such as the striped shirt that makes you remember your last holiday at the Mediterranean Sea or the dungarees that make you dream of your first teenager love…Fashion is designed to make us feel good about ourselves…
Alexa Chung in a black slogan tee and skirt with studded beret:
Alexa Chung #SALSITinspo:
Guys, I am at the end and really feeling better now. Thank you so much for being here and having shared some style lessons with me. I hope you got some inspiration here. I am going to get ready for my seminar right now and I am definitely going to pick some outfit that really makes me feel good…So, my last style lesson for today is FASHION IS MOTIVATION.
I see you in a few days, my dear fashion lovers. Do not forget to enjoy some fashionable moments!

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