Glimpses at Fashion: The ultimate May Feel Good Must-Haves 2016

Dienstag, 19. April 2016

The ultimate May Feel Good Must-Haves 2016

Petit Bateau e Annelie Schubert:


Hello sweethearts! I hope you are having a great week. I am happy to have found some time for a post as there is so much work to be done at the moment. The months after the Easter Holidays are always filled with exams, corrections and seminars of different kinds. And if I had the choice, I would rather spend the whole day blogging and trend-scouting. Maybe these are the first signs of a job crisis but I am not to worried about this as I think when you do the same job for some time, it’s quite normal to get bored with it from time to time. At least, I hope so…

But I am not here to bore you with thoughts about my job…In times like these when I start to get emotionally a little bit unstable, I love to think about all kinds of things that put me in a good mood. Holiday thoughts are one thing but what is more effective is to create a wishlist for the next month and to feel good while thinking about all the lovely pieces I could buy…So here is what I have collected for May 2016…my very personal and ultimate May Must-Haves 2016…
Guys, lay back and enjoy…

1. A striped shirt or blouse. The ones that get me the most at the moment are the shirts by Annelie Schubert  who designed her striped shirts for Petit Bateau. I also love the new Marc O’Polo version designed by Cagnioli.

Annelie Schubert X Petit Bateau:

2. The classic merino wool sweater. I have just bought one in grey and I am going to buy a V-Neck one in navy. The merino sweater is perfect for Spring season. Plus, the classic merino sweater adds a certain elegance to the new denim trends or to a more casual boyfriend jeans.

3. The new PRADA peeptoes 2016 …who needs more words, when it’s PRADA?
Prada Spring 2016 #shoes:

SANDALE - 1X709G_3A43_F0DOT_F_A085
Great and easy IKEA hack! This desk is $39.90 and just spray painted gold with Rustoleum spray paint!:
4. The beautiful red and pointed Céline slipper. I would love to combine those with my new black jumpsuit and my boyfriend jeans…Oh, I am in love with these…
Folk Perforated Criss Cross Strap Slipper in Red Calfskin - Céline:
5. Sometimes a girl has her reasons. My boyfriend would never buy  a shower gel over 2 Euros, I guess. But I would and I do from time to time…In thes times of intense working stress I love to reward myself for having survived a hard day with a beautiful shower gel. I have discovered this one in the May 2016 VOGUE. I cannot resist buying this one as it is said to smell like a soft summer afternoon…Who needs more to just feel good?

6. With all this stress, too much coffee, not enough sleep and the constant weather change, my skin gets very moody. That’s why I have added the CLARINS BOOSTER Line to my May Must-Have List. What I love about the product is that, according to the mood of you skin you can chose between Detox, Energy or Repair. Another advantage is that you just add a few drops to your facial cream as it is a serum…
The product: Clarins Boosters, £30 eachTop line: Our skin is changing constantly, but thankfully, instead of needing to invest in a whole new range of skincare products on a regular basis, you can transform your complexion with Clarins' new boosters. There's one to detoxify, one to repair and one to energise your skin, and all you need to do is add two drops into your serum. Launch date: 17 April:
7. One really important thing that I need in order to feel good in May is doing bike tours…This is really a thing that always gets me into a good mood. Doing extended bike tours, being outside in nature, cruising along the beautiful lakes and rivers of the country is one of the easiest and by the way least expensive things to feel good fast…

erste liebe bar // Hamburg - repinned by
Sweehearts, that’s it for today. I hope you liked my very personal list of March Must-Haves 2016 and maybe got some inspirations.
What are your May 2016 favourites! Tell me about them when you leave a comment.
I am looking forward to being back here as soon as possible!
Do not to forget to enjoy some fashionable moments and to just feel good!!


  1. Wow...Fantastic picture!!! Greetings! :-)))

  2. Hi! Great must-haves! I'm crazy about that 'Prada' painting 😍 For my bedroom..
    Nice blog!