Glimpses at Fashion: New Year's shopping 2016 with the Young British Designers

Dienstag, 5. Januar 2016

New Year's shopping 2016 with the Young British Designers

Kim Box Shoulder Bag in Dove Grey

Hey guys, I am so happy to be back here and the first and most important thing for me is to wish you all the best for 2016. I hope you enjoyed your New Year's Eve parties and evenings with families and friends all around the world. As for me, I survived the evening party and it was better than I had expected. With a lovely dress and your lovely girlfriends next to you you can enjoy every evening and ignore people you don't want to see. Even the music was not as bad as I had expected so all in all I had a lot of fun, I danced a lot and drank a bit too much wine, but, hey, it was New Year's Eve...Apart from that I am really enjoying my free time. Seminars and school will start next week so I am quite relaxed.

Feeling relaxed often puts me in the mood for shopping and in the past few days I did some online shopping at H&M and it was quite successful. I found some beautiful everyday-to-wear stuff in the online sale which I am going to put on my blog in a few days. And I found a new weekender in the H&M sale in black...I use those for school and for seminars as I can put a lot of stuff inside. And for me the weekender has really become a style accessory as people normally do not wear it at work. My old cognac-coloured one is a heirloom from my mum and definitely needs either to retire or at least a break of a few months...

But let's stick to our favourite! As promised in my latest 

blogpost I returned to my favourite online shop today the Young British Designers and again and as always I have found some really lovely outfits I have fallen deeply in love with and that I definitely wanted to share with you, guys. So, here we go...Let's visit the Young British Designers together.

For the next few months the Black Wool Cowl neck by Charlie May remains my favourite. Not only that I love the funnel neck and the pattern but it is also the material and the variety as far as outfit combination is concerned that makes this wonderful creation so tempting. 

Incredibly enough winter has returned to Germany and I am quite sure that it is going to stay for a while. This winter I rediscovered the cable knit that I hated wearing as a child - maybe because our parents wanted us to wear them. This lovely soft white cable knit sweater by J. Won from the YBDs is a must-have for every winter/spring wardrobe 2016 as you can wear it with almost jeans, mini/midi/plissee skirt, wide-leg trousers and even with suit trousers. I particularly fell in love with the combination of the soft white cable-knit and the light-blue turtleneck...

Navy Gordon Top LF Markey

Living the Dream Oversized Sweat by Kelly Shaw

Knit Charcoral Grey Track TopPullover by Charlie May

Charcoal Alpaca Kimono Jacket by Charlie May

Long sleeved Grey Top with Flowers by Simone Farrarr

Grove Open Back Navy Sweater by Blake LDN

Prospect Knit Tee in Grey by Blake LDN

Grey and blue are my colours. In the above pictures you see some of my favourite pieces of the YBDs. What I love about every single piece presented here is the modern interpretation of these classical pieces through patterns, fabric and forms. One of my favourite looks is the Charcoal Alpaca Kimono Jacket by Charlie May combined with the camel wool trousers and the black turtleneck sweater. The Grove Open Back Navy Sweater by Blake LDN is not only perfect and timeless in colour but also perfect for creating the layering look as it is open on the back. is cashmere.

Eventide Black Shirt Dress by Georgia Hardinge

Julia Wool Shift Dress by Kelly Shaw
The Blue Toby Dress by LF Markey
The Pepe Midi Cable Dress in Marine Blue by Blake LDN

The dresses from the various designers are just awesome. As far as evening dresses are concerned the one that impresses me the most is the Eventide Black Shirt Dress by Georgia Hardinge. The form and the 3 D pleating turns this dress into a timeless and nonetheless modern creation that speaks for itself. 
I definitely wanted to show you the picture of the Blue Toby Dress by LF Markey - unluckily sold out. For me it is THE modern dress wearable at day and evening time. And yes, I love the vibrant blue...The Pepe Midi Cable Dress with its slightly metallic fabric, the rich blue tone and the cutout elbow details is so unique that it is really hard to take one's eyes of this wonderful last piece for today...

But I am coming back to the Young British Designers and looking forward to all those spring/summer 2016 surprises.

Guys, I hope you enjoyed our trip to the Young British designers. I did and I got a lot of new British fashion inspirations.

Enjoy some fashionable moments and I'll see you in a few days.


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