Glimpses at Fashion: Seven different ways to wear the stripe trend!

Samstag, 16. Januar 2016

Seven different ways to wear the stripe trend!

Hello sweethearts! Thank God, it's Saturday...Guys, I am happy to be back here on a lazy Saturday and I am feeling quite relaxed. After this first working week I have been really in need of a short break and now I am looking forward to three days without having to go to work. A student of mine, who I originally had to visit on Monday in her lessons, cancelled and so I can enjoy a free day...

As for today, I slept long the first for a few days and went out with my boyfriend to do some grocery shopping. Everything was quite relaxed and still is. In the evening we are having tickets for a concert and after that we are going to meet some lovely friends for a drink. Perfect, isn't it...?

In one of my recent blog posts about the ultimate fashion trends 2016 I have been intrigued by the stripe trend. Not that the stripe thing is completely new to us but stripes in 2016 come along in such a variety and such beauty that I couldn't resist but dedicating a unique blog post to our all beloved stripes...For me, in particular, it is always the French feeling that comes along with the stripes and I cannot but think about great designers as our 
most admired Coco Chanel or Jean Paul Gaultier...

So let's see what the designers are having up their sleeves for us in 2016...

1. Stripes from top to bottom.The look is my favourite one. The striped wide-leg trousers with the beautiful button details, with the bold-striped satin shirt makes me dream of the summer 2016 and a walk along the "Promenade des Anglais" in Nice...Very French and very Chanel...

2. The one-piece as presented by Céline 2016 with the lovely tie-belt details in light blue and the elegant very Italian lady-like interpretation of the stripe trend 2016...
Celine Resort 2016
M Missoni 2016
3. The striped shirt 2016 goes very well with cropped jeans and with white denim and the classic trench. The Brunello Cuccinelli look in the third photo is amazing. Easy to style and nevertheless so extraordinary as it has these little striped details (bag and belt) and the loafers as a great stripe "accessory".
Emmanuelle Alt

Bruno Cuccinelli Spring 2016

4. The striped dresses are to die for. The white-blue-red mix by Diane Furstenberg is one of my favourites but I also love the Josh Goot 2016 dress with dominant blue and the bold white stripes. It's classic and modern at the same time and very sexy, too...The colourfully striped Gucci Version 2016 is tempting, and reminds me of the atmosphere in those old movies from the 60s. 

Diane von Furstenberg 2016

Josh Goog 2016

Gucci Resort 2016

And for those among us who prefer the longer version, Jospeh, Rodebjer and Apiece Apart may have created the perfect dress...

Joseph Spring 2016
Apiece Apart 2016
Rodebjer 2016

5. The blouses come along in a wide variety and beauty as the classic and very feminine striped blouse on the first photo, the Ralph Lauren stand-up collar version in the second one, the elegant bow-tie version by Zuhair Murad or the sailor style by Nill Lotan.

6. The return of the red stripes...tempting in this powerful combination with the suede skirt and the biker jacket as presented by Bally Resort 2016 ...and very feminine and playful in the Georgio Armani Spring 2016 version. 

7. And finally the stylish striped raincoat solution... I definitely need one of those for my first guided tour next week as the weather here in Germany is awful and nobody wants a wet tourist guide, doesn't he/she?
Sweethearts...I have arrived at the end of our striped guided tour and enjoyed it very much. I hope you found some inspiring outfit ideas in the post....Maritine