Glimpses at Fashion: Berlin Fashion Week 2016 - Nobi Talai

Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2016

Berlin Fashion Week 2016 - Nobi Talai


Nobi Talai Spring Summer 2016
Hey sweethearts! Although I had a free Monday I couldn't find neither the time  nor the inspiration to write. Work is really tough right now... it is the end of the school year and the end of the semester for my students...

It always means a lot of work for the teacher and a tough time for the students at school and in the seminar as well. And it is really a thing that I do not like about my job...good marks, bad marks and always the question whether you took into consideration all the relevant aspects....

Andre Jean Banja - Berlin
However, I am not here to talk about my job, I am here for the more fun things, sweethearts..So what is going on in Berlin? I am really sad that I couldn't make it this year but I follow Berlin Fashion Week 2016 passionately. Not only that Berlin is our capital and one of the most interesting, creative and multicultural cities in Germany, but it is also our capital of fashion.

And as far as the fashion year 2016 is concerned,there is a great number of amazing fashion inspirations to get...There is one name, in particular, that has attracted the fashion world's attention for some time. Nobieh Talaie, the star among the upcoming German fashion labels and a name that we are certainly going to hear very often in our fashion future. 

The beautiful Nobieh Talaie was born in 1978 in Iran and has been living in Berlin since the age of 11. After having studied fashion at Esmod, Berlin and after having worked in the fashion business for some time, Nobieh Talaie found her brand in 2015. Her creations are a graceful mixture of the traditional style of distant countries and the clear and pure elegance of the modern world...

So guys, I hope you are curious enough to take a look at some of Nobieh Talaie's creations and hopefully some 2016 fashion inspirations...

Essential parts of the Nobi Talai wardrobe 2016

Skirts in any length


combined with flats, overknees, boots, ankle boots.

Leather pants and harem pants with banded details.

Capes, capes, capes.

The satin turtleneck

Colours in the Nobi Talai wardrobe 2016

Green, curry, black, grey, creme-white...

Accessories in the Nobi Talai wardrobe 2016

Statement earrings.

Satin scarves worn in the hair.

Less is more...!!!

Hair 2016

Tied back tightly with middle parting.

My favourite look

Black is beautiful. I fell in love with this outfit - the big black satin shirt with the button details, the harem trousers and the pointed flats...

So guys, I need to work a little bit for school tomorrow...I hope you enjoyed our short trip to Berlin Fashion Week 2016 and to the collection of 
Nobieh Talaie.

Although the weekend is going to be full of work I am planning to come back here with more impressions of Berlin Fashion Week and interesting brands and labels to watch.

Take care of you, sweethearts and enjoy some fashionable moments.


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  1. amazing post babe! Thanks for sharing! Love this! Have a great week!
    Much love, Len