Glimpses at Fashion: Dezember 2015

Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2015

Glimpses at Fashion moments 2015 - 5 fashion highlights we wouldn't want to miss

Tommy Ton Shoots

Hey guys, I am so New Year's Eve dress has arrived just a minute ago. That's real timing. This morning I have spent pondering and started to fall in a bad mood as for me it is not what I consider to be the perfect New Year's eve party and still no dress. But with the arrival of my dressI am starting to feel better already and hey, it is just one evening...I have been through more than this.

The 31st of December is a great time to look back. I have started fashion blogging in the middle of September and I have to say I am really loving and enjoying it. My fun in blogging turned into a little obsession and I have to say it is not always easy to fully enjoy and live this obsession as my full-time job as teacher trainer often demands my full attention. It was particularly in November, a month filled with exams and seminars, where I often felt really sad and could not really find the time for an amazing post. But I have always known that I didn't want to stop blogging. On the contrary, I have some new ideas for 2016...

Montag, 28. Dezember 2015

Looks we love in 2016 - Lookbook blue #1

Hey guys, I hope everyone of you really enjoyed Christmas and had a wonderful time with family and friends. Although Christmas was nice, I must admit that I really enjoy theses few days between the 27th and New Year's Eve because you can really enjoy some time for yourself. The weather in Germany is so extraordinarily beautiful  at the moment that you can do the nicest little things that you normally can't do until spring arrives. Yesterday we spent the whole day in the "Rheingau", a wonderful area not far away from Francfort with beautiful vineyards, lovely castles and amazing restaurants located on the River Rhine. It was wonderful and really romantic...

Zeitloser Rheingau

So these days I am really enjoying the living from day to day feeling and the weather seems to be on my side...Awesome.
As far as New Year's Eve is concerned I am still having mixed feelings. First, I am still waiting for the magnificient dress and second, although some of my greatest friends are going to attend the same party, there might be one girl present who is able to ruin the whole evening...But I am not going to bore you with that, guys...Let's talk about the beautiful things in life.

Maybe it has been the beautiful blue sky that reminded me of my lookbook blue that I have already wanted to create a few weeks ago. But it fits even better into this lovely Pre-Spring 2016 atmosphere, I guess. Collecting the pictures for my lookbook I was pleased to discover that in 2016 the designers are having again great ideas of how this amazing colour in its wonderful nuances can spruce up our fashion world...So guys, let's enjoy together our trip into the blue fashion world..

How to wear blue at daytime...

One of my favourite looks, navy gets married with royal blue...white sneakers, suit trousers, turtleneck and statement coat.

Fresh blue leaves

Another of my favourite colour combinations: black and scarf combined with blue coat and black coat together with a blue scarf...Great looks, ladies...

Blue Street

Dark blue and medium blue go so well together and are perfect for daytime and nighttime elegance...

Vent deep blue

Culottes, biker jacket and grey shirt...pure style...

"Life in stereo"

Again culottes...

Simple and stlyish, denim, collarless statement coat and cashmere sweater. 

Minimal and timeless, pilot jacket, grey sweater and skinny jeans...

Thomas Maier Resort 2016

Paris? Berlin!

...and at day or night...

Zac Posen

Ellie Saab

Alberta Ferretti Resort 2016
So guys, I hope you liked my first lookbook blue 2016 and found some style and shopping inspirations. I am really in love with the idea that blue will never go out of style...

For further #fashion#outfit#style inspirations visit Glimpses at Fashion.

I'll be back in a few days...Enjoy some fashionable moments guys and do not forget to visit my blog from time to time.


Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2015

Street style moments 2015/2016 on Glimpses at Fashion

Hey guys, I hope you are all doing really really fine and you are not totally stressed out and are really looking forward to a few days of Christmas celebrations with the loveliest people you know. As for me, I have still a few Christmas errands to do but at least I already know what to buy. Honestly, I use the Christmas errands as a pretext as there is a really lovely shopping mall that has just openend up that I definitely need to check out. About the Christmas errands...that is the story I tell my boyfriend. As a shopaholic you may know what I am talking about.
As the year is about to come to an end I think it is absolute time to make a collection of the most fascinating and most inspiring #StreetStyle outfits of 2015 - sure without claim of completeness...So let's make a journey through 2015 together and let's enjoy some of the most amazing and crazy #StreetStyles.

1. The leather skirt - great in combination with the red shirt...
Street style: o dia 3 da LFW de verão 2016

2. The white shirt with a grey skirt - elgant, timeless, classic...

2. The navy uniform coat as seen by #Chloé

3. Amazing faces...Isn't she beautiful?


4. The oversize camel coat as seen by #MaxMara

5. The crazy fur outfit in combination with the interior design dress. 

6. Rolled jeans - a style that we do not want to miss in 2016.


7. Felt fabric in amazing combinations - she has really style. 

8. Again the oversize coat - I do not want to miss it in 2016.

9. Again great faces, interesting looks, leather and the red lip-stick.

10. Fake fur and denim - fashion - outfits - style

11. Great colour combinations - kiwi colour and white - and not to forget...stripes

12. The return of red and extravagance...

13. White shirtwaist , leather jacket and frays never go out of style. 
04-copenhagen-spring-2016-street-style-07 copy

14. Wide pants and bottle green silk shirt...I love this outfit.
copenhagen-spring-2016-street-style-04 copy

15. Wonderful dresses to underline our femininity and at the same time add up to our girlish side...
04-copenhagen-spring-2016-street-style-08 copy

16. The minimal outfit and the #Chanel stripes. 
copenhagen-spring-2016-street-style-02 copy

17. Black beauties...

18. Sometimes it doesn't take a lot to just look beautiful.

19. The egg-shape coat...

20. My most preferred look of #2015. The marriage between and red and blue...

21. Wonderful blouses in creme with stand-up collars and wide sleeves...and not to forget - overknees...

22. The creme white turtleneck with a denim shirt and a tweed coat - classic and elegant.

Guys, I hoped you liked this collection of my most preferred and loved #StreetStyles 2015. Which one is your favourite?

Now it is time to leave for my last Christmas know...
I hope you are all going to have some nice moments with your family and friends. Tomorrow I am going to leave for 2 days to visit my family. Unluckily it is in the country and the connection to the internet is quite bad...How am I gonna survive this...?

I am going to be back soon guys! Enjoy some fashionable Christmas moments and do not forget to return to Glimpses at Fashion.