Glimpses at Fashion: Fashion trends 2015 we do not want to give up on in 2016

Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2015

Fashion trends 2015 we do not want to give up on in 2016

Hey guys, it's been almost a week since my last blog post and I am really sorry for that but as I already told you...In hard-working times I am sometimes not that creative or better said I have used all my creativity in the course of the working day. I hope you have already finished your Christmas shopping? As for me, I have still some things to buy and I am still looking for ideas. I know it's late, but it has always been the same with me...last minute Christmas shopping...I sometimes really ask myself how I have managed all this in times before online shopping...
As the end of the year is coming closer, I am thinking about all those fashion trends of 2015 and which of them I want to take with me or we should take with us into 2016. And I guess, this is a really great topic for a new blog post, don't you think.?So let's take some time to take a look back and forth at fashion trends 2015/2016...

1. Big Furs. Faux Furs are really amazing and we find them in a huge variety. I really fell in love with the one Kate Moss is wearing on the photos. Big furs are awesome because we can wear them with skinny jeans, flared trousers, dresses, sexy skirts, leather trousers and and and...and they give us this certain 'unapproachable chic woman' aura.

2. Power Dressing. This term, created in the 80s and 90s mostly by Jil Sander, Balmain and Versace has been newly interpreted in 2015 and is characterized by a softer and more feminine suit design without reducing the power of the dress. 

Ralph Lauren

Sonja Rykiel

3. Interior Couture. Why not take one's fashion inspirations from your interior design? This impressive fall fashion trend inspired by textures, patterns, curtains and wallpaper makes us look like one of those elegant ladies with a mansion in the country overlooking the park. I love the dresses and I am sure that, having redecorated the houses after Christmas, the fashion designers will find some spring inspirations, too...So, which one is your favourite? Erdem, Tory Burch or Gucci...? I love them all, guys.

4. Student culture. The end sixties were a time of power and revolution. In their fall/fashion collection of 2015 the fashion designers transferred this style into a new era. We love it because it is creative, sexy, powerful, self-confident, intellectual, feminine and light-hearted at the same time. Enjoy some Tommy Hilfiger and Chloé inspirations...

5. Lace and ruffles. The most flattering for any outfit...Me, in particular I love to wear my creme white blouse with ruffles in combination with  my boyfriend jeans or my suit trousers and some boots. For me it is the perfect style mix and the ruffles always add this last femine touch to my straight business outfit and to my boyfriend look...So guys, why should we give on lace and ruffles in 2016? ...

#IsabelMarant, #Sachi&Babi, #Dolce&Gabbana and 'Valentino...

Guys, I hope you enjoyed our little trip together back into the fashion world of 2015. I did and as always I enjoyed my time here together with you.

Do not forget to visit my blog Glimpses at Fashion for more style inspirations. If you are still looking for New Year's Eve outfit inspirations read my blog post Every girl needs a little sparkle.

Get a good start into the last working days. I'll see you soon on Glimpses at Fashion.

And do not forget to enjoy some fashionable moments. 


  1. I love fashion of this season , is so varied and interesting.Here you chose wonderful pictures, thank you for inspirations my dear :-)

  2. Oh please, never give up fur and interior couture, they are to fashionably interesting. And I can't help to spot on Cara Delevingne (if I'm not mistaken) gorgeous heels. Great post, my dear! xoxo