Glimpses at Fashion: Young British Designers revisited

Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2015

Young British Designers revisited

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Hey guys! Welcome back to Glimpses at Fashion. After a few sunny days, the summer has definitely left Germany this morning. Looking outside my window everything just looks grey, apart from the lovely coloured green and red leaves that seem to ignore the quick change of season. As I noticed this morning, my wardrobe, so far, has ignored this rapid change, too. It took really some time to feel really warm in my clothes and  I think it was not before standing in front of my French class, that I had the impression of wearing the right clothes. And I do not need to tell you what this means..wrong clothes, change of season...

...Back home, I visited my favourite shop, #youngbritishdesigners, a thing that I already planned a few days ago, but couldn't find the time. As I already told you in my first blog post ,the Young British Designers really create style - style, which is not just for everyone but in particular for those who are attracted by the outstanding uniqueness of these wonderful clothes, accessories and shoes. As a long winter is lying before us, I have taken my time at to find clothes and accesories for all those upcoming occasions and events in the next few months..And I can tell you guys, I have found quite a few things...

This is definitely one of my favourite dresses by Young British Designers: The Globe Dress in Charcoal Wool designed by Zoe Jordan. Inspired by 1940's Vogue, it is extremely feminine and flattering without being too sexy. I also love the combination with the blue boots  as they allow us to wear this lovely dress not only at cocktail parties but also during business.

Have you ever seen such a lovely sweater?... The Charcoal & Ivory Funnel Neck Sweater by J. Won. I really fell in love with the combination of colours, the jacquard pattern, and the funnel neck. In addition to feeling warm, the funnel neck adds a certain elegance to this beautifully patterned sweater so that you can wear it not only with denim but also with a pencil skirt or suit trousers. As the sweater is oversized it works particularly well with skinny jeans.

This one really reamains my favourite: The Cactus Green Hand-Knit Sweater by Kelly Love. Apart from grey and black, cactus green is a colour I could wear every day. It's discreet and you can combine with so many other pieces and colours. You can wear it with denim, silk dresses or blouses or again with your suit trousers. I really really love this piece. It's perfection and it's timeless. And it helps us to looking forward to cold winter days.

By the way, it's getting colder and colder here and I can't stop myself from admiring this beautiful Halprin Parka by Eudon Choi. Not only does it look cosy and warm. For me it is also a perfect combination of colours, the perfect marriage between elegance and comfort and the perfect answer to all my day-to-day Which coat with which outfit questions... I can wear it with denim, business suits and evening dresses..Just the perfect parka!

This beautiful Double Knit Skirt in Olive by J. Won is just perfect. Being comfortable and sophisticated at the same time, I can easily wear it at school or during my seminars. You can combine the olive double knit skirt with a whole range of colours. I think for me a combination with a grey, white or yellow shirt would work perfectly. comprises 100% Merino Wool ...Just the perfect skirt.

By the way yellow, or freesia...What do you think of this Slouchy Boat Neck Jumper by J. Won ?During dark autumn days this lovely colour definitely makes us feel and look happy and fresh. Shape and form of the jumper allow us to wear it on any given occasion as it is the perfect mixture between elegance and comfort. I think the combination with the olive skirt, as mentioned above, is just perfect.

Trousers, trousers, trousers...can be boring or interesting and slightly extravagant as these Grey Cropped Wool Mix Trousers by Feldt. A must-have for every wardrobe as they can dress you perfectly for business, combined with a silk blouse or a cashmere sweater. I can't wait to wear those with my Stan Smith and my beautiful black funnel neck cashmere sweater...Just casual, just perfect..
Guys, let's not forget the shoes. Our woman's right to shoes...I fell really in love with these: the Scope Patent Ink Leather Ankle Boot by Dear Frances. Not only that I can really wear them at any occasion: at school, during seminars, at parties..They also change the most simple outfit into something extraordinary as they have these interesting details such as the hard beechwood heel and the ivory zip pull. Timeless perfection...

I could go on, you know that, but even the greatest shopping
trip must come to an end. 

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Guys, I really loved shopping with you and I hope you are all having a really good time!
Yours Maritine

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