Glimpses at Fashion: Shades of Grey - Glimpses at Fashion goes Grey

Samstag, 17. Oktober 2015

Shades of Grey - Glimpses at Fashion goes Grey

Tommy Ton Shoots - Street Style Paris Fashion Week
Hey guys, I am really happy to be now sitting on my desk on this terribly grey afternoon in Germany. Yesterday was our last day at school, and now I am really looking forward to two weeks of freetime without work or almost without work..there is still one French test that needs to be corrected. Anyone here who is interested..?
I am not really sure, if it is the grey sky here in Germany, the predominance of grey clothes this morning during my guided tour through my cosy medieval town or the fact that I have just changed into a grey sweater
which inspired me to present you some of my favourite grey pictures in fashion. Even if some might say, grey is not really a colour, I have to admit that for me it is the colour...It almost goes with everything, it always looks fashionable even in its most simple terms and it definitely never goes out of style..So come and join with me the world of grey fashion...

Challayan Pre-Fall 2015
Jil Sander 

Joseph Pre-Fall 2015

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Dior ‘Secret Garden 2’ Versailles’ Ad Campaign By Inez Vinoodh
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New York Fashion Week FW 2015 Street Style: Jo Ellison

Street Style Milan Fashion Week 2015
Tommy Ton Shoots the Best Street Style at the Fall ’15 Shows

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T BY ALEXANDER WANG Heather Grey Classic Pocket t-shirt

Couldn't resist but to add the grey T BY Alexander Wang which for me is the basic of the basics. I just love it. Guys, I hope you have enjoyed my little grey fashion trip. What would our world of fashion be like without grey? I have absolutely no idea...

For more 'Shades of Gray' take a glimpse at my shopping list...

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