Glimpses at Fashion: Glimpses at fashion is going decadent

Freitag, 9. Oktober 2015

Glimpses at fashion is going decadent

Hi guys!! I am really happy to be back at my desk and to have found the time for a little update. Yesterday I went to a seminar and arrived early enough to find some time to explore the shopping areas around the seminar building. Good for me...It really didn't take a long time until I could finally spend my first money. Having entered a beauty shop,
I stumbled upon Marc Jacob's new perfume, Decadence, a fragrance that just came out. I was completely amazed and overwhelmed by this wonderful new fragrance by Marc Jacobs. Simply by wearing it I had the impression of transforming into a new person. 

Warm and tender waves of luxury and elegance were surrounding me during the rest of the day. Marc Jacobs softly reminded me of my femininity which was not the worst thing during a day of tough work. Jacobs developed the new fragrance in collaboration with Master Perfumer Annie Buzantian. 

Warm papyrus wood, vetiver and liquid amber are at the base of Decadence. Entering its heart you feel surrounded by a rich bouquet of Bulgarian Rose, nuances of Jasmine sambac and orris. This sweet and soft mixture of femininity is crowned by a top note of Italian plum, saffron and iris. And not only the fragrance is pure fashion, the bottle is, too. Taking a look at this cute bottle handbag, we cannot other but fall in love with Marc Jacobs Decadence, reminding us everywhere and at any time of what being a woman is like..elegance and decadence...

And what to wear with a wonderful fragrance like Decadence. Yesterday I wore it with my Hugo Boss suit, but even this morning I couldn't resist wearing it together with Denim trousers, Stan Smith and an oversized cardigan. Apparently this was ok because the kids at school didn't complain. What else to wear with Marc Jacobs new fragrance....? Enjoy the photos...

How to wear Decadence?

Guys, I hope you enjoyed my ideas for wearing Decadence by Marc Jacobs, my favourite Fall/Winter fragrance 2015.

For more information on Decadence check out:

or watch:

I am looking forward to my next post and I hope all of you enjoy a little time of Decadence during the next few days..

Yours Martine

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