Glimpses at Fashion: Glimpses at fashion is getting ready for business

Sonntag, 4. Oktober 2015

Glimpses at fashion is getting ready for business

Dear fashion friends, after a fabulous weekend with a beautiful sunny, pre-fall atmosphere and a really romantic relationship anniversary, I am not really willing to approach this really strong working week, lying in front of me. So I gathered all kinds of stuff and ideas to make myself feel more fashionable, comfortable and more beautiful during a tough business week. So let's get ready for business with Aesop, Comodynes, Monochrome Office Supplies, Lushome, Ladurée, Hermès, a Retro Radio and Burberry...Enjoy...


In order to really wake up in the morning,  I take an energizing shower with #Aesop Coriander seed body cleanser. Its scent is warm and derived from the oils of crushed coriander seeds and black Peppercorn.


The sun is still here, but my summer suntan appears to have already left. I really love the self-tanning towelettes by #Comodynes Urban Cosmetics. It makes my skin look naturally suntanned and super fresh.

I really love a soft light in the morning. So here is one idea for creating a beautiful and warm atmosphere in your bedroom. 


Beautiful pens, pencils, scissors and glasses can be really motivating on a dark fall morning. #Monochrome office supplies.

When I am working at home, I love to change my working place from time to time. This green workspace looks beautiful and motivating to me.


Scented candles may embellish every second of your home office day. The scent of these lovely candles by Ladurée even remind me of some of the most beautiful places in the world. #Ladurée scented candles.


Feeling good at work for me is not just a question of fashion, it is also a question of fashionable work accessories. As I am really in love with blue as it always reminds me of the Mediterranean see, I really want to have these. #Hermès Leather Notebooks


It is almost impossible to survive in a tough working week without really good music. I adore this beautiful #Retro Radio by Harrison Eastwood. Yellow always makes me feel good because it refreshes my mind and reminds me of a beautiful summer day.

#Burberry Tuxedo Jacket

On Thursday, I am going to have a really long working day. After having taught lessons at school, I need to go on a 2 hours ride by car to a seminar for upcoming teachers. I think this lovely navy #Burberry Tuxedo Jacket is the perfect choice for a long day like this. And as I've already mentioned above, I am really in love with blue...

Dear Glimpses at Fashion Friends, 
I guess, now I am ready for work. I hope you enjoyed my short motivation tour and I hope you are ready work now, too?

Looking forward to receiving your comments,e-mails, likes and anything you want to talk about!!!

Let's stay tuned
Yours Maritine

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