Glimpses at Fashion: A romantic walk, Chanel tweed and time travel

Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2015

A romantic walk, Chanel tweed and time travel

#Electric Feathers Fall 2015

Hi guys! I am really happy about being here, at home on my desk, not having to go anywhere today. It's a real pleasure for me today to write to you in this really relaxed state of mind, I am in at the moment. It is my second day of holiday which started perfectly with a nice and cosy breakfast and our table fireplace.
This morning I really thought we were in London with all this thick fog around us, but after a few hours the fog disappeared and I took my boyfriend on a long romantic walk... 

I also wore my high-waist, wide leg tweed pants and was really happy to have them released after several months of custody in my winter wardrobe. Apart from warming my legs and flattering my figure, they look extremely cool and elegant. Just look at the photos above, aren't they gorgeous, these tweed trousers...? This morning I wore mine with my new Stan Smith and a short black leather jacket. Pretty cool...

Men's sportswear turning into womenswear

Again, we owe it to Coco Chanel that tweed became so popular in the women's world of fashion. Chanel borrowed sportswear from her beau, the Duke of Westminster and quickly realized the potential of this sophisticated fabric for her own fashion design ideas. By the way, Coco Chanel and the Duke of Westminster were said to have had an affair for about five years...

Getting inspired by the Scottish countryside

The first iconic Chanel tweed pieces were produced in a Scottish factory. As far as colours are concerned, Chanel found her inspiration for the coats, sportswear and suits in the Scottish countryside and even brought leaves and bits of earth to her manufacturers. You can imagine that it didn't take long until the world of fashion was being intrigued...

#Chloé Pre-Fall 2015 RTW

#Calvin Klein Collection

#Lemaire Pre-Fall 2015

Tweed becoming more high-fashion

From the 1930s onwards, Coco Chanel started manufacturing the legendary tweed in northern France. She further elaborated the tweed style, taking it to a high-fashion level, by combining it with cotton, wool, silk and even cellophane...

#Prada Fall 2015 - RTW

#Chanel Fall  2015 - RTW

#Street Style Milan Fashion Week 2015

Tweed, the iconic fabric that never goes out of style

Tweed has never ceased to be one of the essential parts of the Chanel house and is today manufactured in the Maison Lesage  out of Paris, at Pointin. Karl Lagerfeld, the head designer and creative director of Chanel has never stopped to reinvent the iconic fabric and the whole world of fashion is following him. And it is certain that tweed will never go out of style because we all love Chanel and because the fabric is so unique. 

The manufacturing process is a very complex one as it is made by weaving warp and weft, sometimes using up to 12 different threads for a single warp. The potential number of effects that can be created by the weft, woven horizontally, is unlimited. Textured, thick, plaited, random, till...I think everyone can find the perfect tweed...can't we?




Guys, I hope you have enjoyed my little trip to Chanel's realm of tweed as much as I did...For those who are intersted in learning more about the making of Chanel tweed it might be interesting to read and to watch:

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Guys, I hope you are having a nice week. I am going to prepare myself for a girl's night out with my fantastic French friend...

Looking forward to writing to you!
Yours Maritine



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  2. Tweed is timeless :-) Beautiful inspirations my dear :-)